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With a treasure trove of intricate works, designs, craftsmanship, cultures and traditions; India is truly rich when it comes to fashion & style. There is a lot to discover and a lot to explore with some of the best proven Indian fashion designers and some of the most exciting new talents knocking on the global doors.

Zobiyo – fashion by Luxury Abode, has been created to promote Indian Luxury Fashion along with the best fashion from across the globe.
We aim to inspire and promote Indian heritage, its diverse forms of clothing crafts and myriad hues & colors in all their glory. There is a lot to explore and learn from each embroidery, every weave and every thread.

Many amazing Indian fashion crafts are struggling and they deserve their chance under the Sun. We believe that as part of the Indian fashion industry, it is our responsibility to give all good Indian fashion garments and Indian fashion designers a voice. As a global luxury fashion portal, we are committed to showcase their grandeur and values to local and to the global audience.

Zobiyo has a vision to promote #LocalIndianDesigners with our world class global fashion platform and with our well thought of #VocalForLocal initiatives. There is simply so much fashion talent within India that we can create trends for the world to follow.

A Classic Chikankari Anarkali with a Sabya Belt and a clutch to rub shoulders with the Chanels and the Guccis of the world, what say!

Each Indian garment has its own story to tell, its own journey to share and as a global fashion e commerce portal is raring to take Indian Fashion to the world.


Zobiyo was born as a fashion offshoot of during some of the most challenging times that humanity has ever witnessed. Yes, right in the midst of the Covid pandemic!! A super enthusiastic team of coders, designers, communicators, merchandisers led by the core team at Luxury Abode have worked with utmost passion to make this dream possible.

One of the core objectives of Zobiyo Fashion is to become the perfect confluence of Indian & Global fashion trends.

Zobiyo remains committed to the cause of Indian fashion, Indian fashion designers and also to the world of fashion & style globally.