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Our Team

Suhas Kataria

Suhas Kataria

Founder & CEO, Luxury Abode

Stringing together his penchant for business and online networking, Suhas Kataria founded Luxury Abode as a global holistic luxury content commerce platform.

Being a real estate marketing professional and a hard core online buff, he has managed to put together an amazing team of luxury professionals, graphic designers, SEO experts, and programmers among others in his dream of developing a truly global and holistic luxury platform. Luxury Abode is his team's dream venture, labour of love and as a founding employee, he feels that it’s a revolution in the world of luxury.


Taking a leaf from his mother’s book, a part-time real estate broker, he bowed out of aeronautical engineering and embarked on a passion-filled journey towards real estate business. His core business is real estate broking, real estate marketing and development of real estate portals.

Suhas is also a voracious reader and writer, SEO copywriter & trainer and also an amateur percussionist, rapper and lyricist. He is also a life member of the prestigious Screenwriters Association (SWA), Mumbai.

Along with Luxury Abode, his team has passionately created a full-fledged luxury fashion e-commerce portal - in 120 days during the utmost challenging pandemic driven lock down period. has more than 100 fashion designers and will host more than 1000 leading luxury fashion designers from India & beyond providing the most exciting blend of Indian & global fashion.

Zobiyo is the labor of love of an extremely energetic team of coders, designers, communicators & merchandisers in collaboration with the core team at Luxury Abode.

One of the core objectives of Zobiyo Fashion is to become the perfect confluence of Indian & Global fashion trends and it remains committed to the cause of Indian fashion, Indian fashion designers and also to the world of fashion & style globally.

Trishanu Paul

Trishanu Paul

Head Of Marketing and Sales, Luxury Abode

The quintessential engineer with an MBA who turned his passion for all things fashion and marketing after breaking free from 5 years into the monotonous corporate cycle. Currently working in the growth strategies to help purpose-driven brands bring big ideas to life.

Completing my Masters in Luxury Brands have not just helped me understand the insights of the Luxury Industry but also embarked my journey with my business association with Luxury abode! Attending Milan Fashion week 2020 to Geneva Global Summit 2020 has broadened my horizon into curating business ideas in the existing fashion market.

There is a paradigm shift in the fashion market due to a surge in demand from millennial consumers. Curating business ideas for this market had led to the adoption of sustainable growth strategies that are an amalgamation of experience, commitment, and discipline which repeatedly enforces what luxury fashion stands for.

As someone rightly said, "Facebook was not the first thing that Mark Zuckerberg created. J.K Rowling was rejected 14 times for Harry Potter before her first publication. Beyonce wrote 100 songs before she hit the big screens with Halo." The motto being good things take time and the learning is never-ending! Join my journey, as I climb the road towards success.

Janvi Gandhi

Janvi Gandhi

Head of Fashion, Luxury Abode

Coming from Multiple backgrounds ranging from engineering, fashion designing, and management, Janvi brings a different perspective on the table. Having done her graduation degree from NIFT and oppose graduation specializing in luxury fashion from Polytechnic of the Milano and SP Jain school of global management, she truly has learned from the best in the respective fields.

According to me “ We are living in a world where global trends are preferred over our own culture and tradition.” With I want to inspire and promote everyone to deep dive into our rich heritage and culture.

Coming from a business family background I analyse the business side of fashion and I always had a vision and passion for a future of luxury fashion e-commerce portal. We at LuxuryAbode together saw a vision to promote #LocalIndianDesigners and give them a global platform. There is just so much talent within our country with such amazing upcoming designers that we don’t need any global trends to follow.

I believe, A Classic which chickankaari Anarkali with a Sabya Belt and a clutch can beat the Chanel’s and the Gucci’s of the world!